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RISE (formerly Swedish Institute of Computer Science) AB, 1995-present.

Telecommunications, automotive and machine learning for 25+ years. Significant involvement with many industry-led projects. Reverse chronologically, Edge computing, road traffic flow, Knowledge representation efforts in 20/2021.  Older work on caching, real-time Internet, including kernel queuing algorithms (WFQ). New network architectures. As an ML scientist analysed large datasets, Orange Labs’ 3 months French cellular network accesses, the Swedish road traffic agency’s 12 years of traffic flow measurements. Supervised 20+ students.

IBM, Germany GmBH, 1993-1995.

Early streaming protocols for the Internet. IBM (DE), SICS (SE) and BBN developed ST-II, alias IPV5. From IBM’s device driver to web apps developed a complete streaming protocol suite, a conferencing tool to support Germany’s Bonn → Berlin capital transition.

CSIRO, Australia, 1990-1992.

Statistics and code toward Australian industries. Added new routines to Splus (now R) and its’ first graphical interface. Image processing routines and Australian user interviews.

3D Pixel Labs Ltd, UK (now nVidia), 1989-1990.

Microcoded a 3D-graphics engine, based on a bitslice architecture, combining both pixel and vector graphics. Extended a bit-slice architecture to Single Instruction Multiple Data architectures, together with a specialised graphics language called Pixel C.


ROADVIEW 2024, sensor fusion for autonomous driving in harsh nordic weather, snow, hail, ice, drizzle, rain. ANIARA 2020, Edge computing coordinated by Ericsson Sweden, investigating latency & lightweight containerisation. TENS 2018-2021 Emissions and traffic flow financed by the Swedish Energy authority., LCM,  2019 Digital twin and knowledge representation. BADA, traffic flow analysis with Scania, Volvo. Earlier projects on caching, network architectures.

READY, 2017, 5-year, 3-partner project on latency reduction. PhD around real time voice communications with aspects of statistical analysis, an open source tool, measurements kernel queuing and distributed file systems (see publications and past students).


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, KTH, Sweden, 2009.
M.Sc. Computer Science, Manchester Uni. UK, 1988.
B.Sc. Physics & Computer Science, Manchester Uni. UK, 1987.

Selected awards

Computer Communications reviewer -2021.
TMA programme committee, 2018-2020.
Ranked 4th in national post-doc grant evaluation, Portugal, 2009.

Selected publications

I. Marsh et al. Evolving 5G: ANIARA, an Edge-Cloud perspective, Computing Frontiers, 2021.
I. Marsh, Dimensionality reduction in (large) measurement datasets, 2020.
I. Marsh, Ahmad Al-Shishtawy, Björn Bjurling, 12 years of traffic flow data2019.
I. Marsh, Understanding cache dynamics in the network: a software approach, 2016.
I. Marsh, VANET communication: A traffic flow approach, 2012