CheesePi Introduction

The CheesePi project aims to objectively characterise the service users’ obtain from their home Internet connection.

Our goal is to establish an open-access measurement infrastructure in Sweden and worldwide. Our first target audience will be home users. A small simple easy to use monitoring device will be employed in a home to estimate the quality of the Internet connection over several weeks and months. Our first measurement initiative focused on the Raspberry Pi device but has expanded to target other similar devices such as the ODroid.

The measurements will be unbiased, i.e. a neutral, objective measurement of the quality of connections.  The devices should measure as passively as possible. We expect the devices to be fixed wired via the Ethernet connector or to be used wirelessly using 802.11x networking.  Feedback to the user will be via mail digests, real-time display on an HDMI device, LAN website,  or via a quality portal website hosted at SICS. In the last case, processed results of other users’ quality will be available for comparison, diagnosis and troubleshooting.


CheesePi provides a dashboard running locally on your Pi, which you can check at any moment to discover the state of your Internet connection.

CheesePi Dashboard

There is a short paper describing our system and 2 slides (see Reports and Publications for longer documentation).


Data Collection

The data that you collect will optionally be pushed to our centralised servers and collated with other users’ data in order to gather a wider picture of the network performance. We will analyse this data and provide reports on the behaviour of our users’ Internet connections on this site. A zipped file of the data from the boxing match is available.


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