Marrying a Portuguese

A light-hearted look at Anglo-Luso relationships

You will not and cannot escape the family! they are there to nosey around, cook for you and tell you how many ways cod can be cooked. if they say “mill” which is thousands not millions but a slight exaggeration… either order of magnitude.

The mother in law is critical be nice to her, soups, main dashes and desserts 🍮 (see altria below)

Animals may be treated much better or worse than the north.

Driving sometimes sober is a different experience, one can never be surprised at some of the manoeuvres, alcohol limit, late turn offs and that nearly all indicators seem to be broken when the horns work extremely well! (not quite Asia / Africa / middle east) but not far off

Around a table (often with food) there are 4-6-8 people but 20 experts. Although not as loud as their Iberian, Italian and sometimes French neighbours point-scoring is national hobby. You’ll hear “Nåo” much more often than “Sim”.

It takes time to leave homes. When you say bye, expect 30 mins to finish up all things that got pushed on the stack (mostly due to interruptions). So plan ahead when you want to go. As the expression goes, “the people from the North leave and don’t say ‘bye’ (properly) and the people from the south say ‘bye’ but never leave!”