Awarded Research Proposals

EU ROADVIEW, 4 years, sensor fusion for Ford trucks.

CELTIC-NEXT ANIARA Edge compute: Total Budget: 11044 K€ Start: June 2021, End: October 2023, Effort: 80.16 PY, Ian 150k€.

Digital transformation is ongoing in many areas of today’s society, which will impact many aspects of people’s lives via means such as smart cities, robotic, transportation, and next-generation industries. At the same time, the current centralised cloud infrastructure is not adequate to serve the transformation’s requirements. We believe that three technologies can come together to shape a new secure service and application platform; 5G, edge-centric compute & artificial intelligence. In this context, European industry has a good position in 5G networks, transportation and industrial applications, but need to strengthen the position in a secure cloud, data centre and artificial intelligence technologies to be at the front of the development.

The primary objective of the ANIARA project is to provide enablers and solutions for high-performance services deployed and operated at the network edge. To manage complexity, we need to take advantage of artificial intelligence to complement traditional optimisation algorithms. Currently, deep edge network nodes will be deployed at locations not prepared for the power requirements of edge-centric compute. To answer this, we need to analyse requirements and develop methods to minimize energy consumption.

LCM scientific partner (2017, 80k€) NLP for knowledge extraction.

LCM scientific partner (2017, 20k€) Oscillation detection in time series data.

Swedish Energy Authority TENS (2018) Machine Learning for road traffic congestion alleviation.

Swedish SSF READY (2015) 5 years. Low-delay networking.

EU Horizon 2020 SAIL. New paradigms for IP networking.

EU Horizon 2020 Ambient Networks. New paradigms for IP networking.

Internetfonden CheesePi Dashboard

SSF Optimobile. Real-time handover from/to WiFi-Mobile.

Ericsson Real Time Internet. BSD-kernel queuing mechanisms (WFQ and variants).

HP JetFile (1996). A multicast-based file system.