50 shades of Brexit crap

  1. Loads of disruption and work
  2. Was the situation so bad?
  3. Uncertainty everywhere
  4. When will leaving pay off
  5. Open to new countries conditions : American food, Indian workers
  6. EU signing deals in parallel anyway (Japan)
  7. Pension loss, if worked in EU countries < 10 years
  8. EU card loss
  9. Need new passports (80 quid)
  10. Erasmus loss
  11. Scramble innocent countries’ economies Portugal, Spain Ireland economies
  12. Breakup of union
  13. Violence in northern Island
  14. Damage successful industries : aircraft, financial services, whisky, haulage
  15. We have skills shortage anyway
  16. Don’t allow looney parties (UKIP)
  17. Incentivise European countries to build up competence in things we know produce (thereby later not needing us later)