Football tropes

Why can’t football questions be more insightful?

Always a focus on the star player. We know journalists like to individualise a person. Stars have the limelight anyway (Mbappe, Messi, Neymar). In the Qatar 2022 world cup, the crowd, the journalists and cameras (a la CR7) only focussed on the stars.

I never heard, “What’s the potential impact of the referee?” Netherlands Vs. Argentina was massive. In all the build up no-one I listened to (10+ stations and podcasts asked this).

Also the influence of the crowd. A la Morocco in Qatar.

Which players make you nervous in XYZ or ABC? fear the most….

Which players would make it into the ‘other’ sides team?

It’s coming home?

XYZ bench is better

ABC have the best player in the world

Bring Foden on, bring Foden on and then he does little, no one says “why was Foden on?”

Does it make a difference if you take a penalty, indeed a second one, against your team mate?

Croatia 🇭🇷 5 million