how many easily offended?
Swedish? ok that’s about half

why do people go to Thailand?
– massage
– food

happy ending?
* when the torture ends…

oil massage?
fem hundla

jimmy carrs guide

basics of comedy, lead the listener to believe something and then change
the scene, a challenge to their understanding. Misunderstanding usually
leads to stress, then relief, expressed by humour.


Stole beaches Brook, chair and asked another 29 fences to be taken into account

my children are 7, 9 and 14 unusual names I admit!

what do you want, time machine! when do want it? “doesn’t matter”

7 diamonds : my mind is playing tricks on me

dijaradoo no was a assay

being drunk at a  yoga class, put me in a awkward position

long knight – Peter crouch

crooked teeth – brace yourself

useful st st st  useful fact

father died eating sushi, the feeling is pretty raw

How anti semitic are you? on a scale of one to Ken