Culture related


Why go to?

* Massage
* Food

happy ending? when the torture ends… oil massage? “fem hundla”, How many people are easily offended? Swedish? ok that’s about half 🙂

One liners

The master is Tim Vine

but also the Canadian

  • Stole beaches Brook, chair and asked another 29 fences to be taken into account
  • My children are 7, 9 and 14 unusual names I admit! (Nicky Campbell)
  • What do you want, time machine! when do want it? “doesn’t matter”
  • “The seven of diamonds!, sorry my mind is playing tricks on me!”
  • Drinking at a yoga class put me in a awkward position
  • Father died eating sushi, the feeling is pretty raw
  • How anti Semitic are you? on a scale of one to Ken
  • There will be no jokes about crooked teeth, but brace yourself
  • A useful st.. st.. st…  fact
  • Didgeridoo was not easy
  • Bought an edible chess set, I took it back and it said it’s stalemate, are you sure, I said check mate!
  • Dating agency for chickens, its a real struggle trying to get hens meet
  • Swallowed a golf ball – it’s gone down a fair way
  • The closest Boris should get to number 10 is on a bingo card