That september day


Friday 12th

  • We have a dinner at the evening with families, but should
    be up for a drink or too, for early arrivers
  • We suggest Galeria de Paris, a place in Clerigos, just ask or Google

Saturday 13th

  • Boat cruise at 18:00 from Gaia side of Oporto
  • Meet at at 17h30 at the Quay of Vila Nova de Gaia, located at Av. Diogo Leite. (opposite the restaurant “Rabelo”)
  • Company “Rota do Douro” – Vessel “Douro In”.
  • Map
  • Pasta and Pizza after nearby (called the Pasta cafe (just ask))
  • Sunday 14th

  • Date: Sunday September 14th, 2014
  • Time: 12:30
  • Link:
  • Where: Igrega do Mosteiro do Pilar, Gaia (map)
  • Party: Starting at 14:00, Casa dos Arcos (map)
  • Monday 15th

  • Monday evening we will be available for those staying on (hungover)
  • Notes

    The weather is predicted to be a little rainy, so please bring an umbrella.

    Also there will be a Marathon on Sunday morning and many of the roads from Ribeira
    to the church will be cordened off, so it is better to move away from the river Duoro
    and take a taxi over the other bridge. it may be possible to walk over the bridge
    and up to the church, but that depends on the weather.

    If you have any requests, speech, song request, special stuff let me know.